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Black Power Theatre, Inc. is a contemporary cultural arts center. The theater is focused on the artistic talents of the African Diaspora. Black Power Theatre, Inc. provides a place where Black-American, Caribbean and African culture is not only celebrated, but cultivated.

The theater is a major force in re-establishing the pride in a people that have been marginalized and disenfranchised in the Arts. We promote the Arts through our "own voices" and our "unique experiences". Black Power Theatre, Inc. is a Renaissance theater but more importantly a movement. A movement focused on vigorous artistic and intellectual activities centered on uplifting the community.



Our Mission: To invest in our people and our stories by supporting emerging and established playwrights and artists through robust writers workshops and events that showcase creativity. 


The voices and visions of our artists, writers, poets, playwrights and educators are far from watered down.  Black Power Theatre, Inc. promotes creativity and expression filled with raw, unfiltered emotion and honesty. A creativity  that can only be expressed through the hearts and souls of a diverse group from the diaspora. 


Larry Neal, scholar of African-American theater and contributor to the Black Arts Movement (1960s-1970s) wrote: "Black Art is the aesthetic and spiritual sister of the Black Power concept...The Black Arts and the Black Power concept both related broadly to the Afro-American's desire for self-determination and nationhood." 

Artist sought to create politically engaged work that explored the cultural and historical experience and transform the way African-Americans were portrayed in literature and the arts. Black Power Theatre, Inc. will continue that charge!

Represent the Arts Movement, 

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© 2019 Black Power Theatre, Inc.  "Stay Strong in Peace, in Love & in the Struggle!"

Phone: 340-643-0171 | Email: info@blackpowertheatre.com | P.O. Box 304995 St. Thomas, VI 00803 | 6L Estate Thomas Sutie 8 Wheatley Center II

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