BRIGHT MENSAH - CAPE COAST GHANA

23 year old Bright is a talented artist from the Central Region of Africa. the creative aesthetic of his art is characterized by vibrant colors and cultural symbolism that expresses his life and experiences.  As a young artist, Bright overcomes his personal obstacles and maintains the ability to capture the liveliness, curiosity and excitement of the world around him. Bright's artistic expression tells stories with a richness and a deep sense of pride and culture. Although Bright is an emerging young artist, his work is already being sought on an international scale.

Bright shares:

"I come from Komenda Sefwi, a small village in the Central Region. I was a student at a Preparatory School sponsored by Baobab until my sickness didn't allow me to continue my education. Before I came to the Baobab School for Trades and Traditional Arts, I was idle in the house because I am physically challenged and find it difficult to move around. I used to draw because it has been my dream to be an artist since I was 7 years old. It was at Baobab that I learned to paint and it makes me proud to use my imagination and be creative. I get my ideas from looking at the world around me. I want people from outside to see my culture and where I am coming from. I enjoy using bright colors-it makes me feel good. Some of my work, both paintings and handmade postcards have been sold in Germany and I use the income to buy more painting materials I want to be a great artist."


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