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Intro to Poetry/Playwriting

Poetry workshop provide skills for writing poetry and performing spoken word.

Book Club

W.E.B Dubois

"Souls of Black Folks"

Join the conversation.

Youth Acting & Writing

Become the next playwright of the times.

Intro to Acting

Come join our ensembles and bring your creativity.

Self-Publishing Workshop

Learn the business of publishing and marketing your novel or poetry chapbook,

African/Caribbean Culture Seminars

Join the talks and get information.

As a writer its important to have the knowledge for creating authentic works of Arts. Focusing on be true to your own voice. Join our writing workshops and hone in on your talents.

Have you written a collection of poetry, a play, a song or written a novel and don't know what to do next. We can give you the help with choosing a self publisher and create a marketing strategy to sell your work.

Our thought provoking seminars will provide a forum for talks on subjects that are important to who we are as a people, our community and our love for our culture.

If being on stage is your dream let's make it happen. We train you, cultivate your talents and put you on stage in productions that represent who you are as a member of the African diaspora.

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